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This shop was created for the love and passion of automobiles. For the satisfaction you feel when you’ve created something that you’ve wanted, something different from everyone else, something that represents you. It was also created out of necessity. In a market over saturated with cheap products and expensive prices, PRO-TEK Automotive has filled the gap delivering high quality work at a fair price. We believe that no detail should be overlooked no matter how small and insignificant. Every vehicle that exits the shops leaves with the PRO-TEK stamp, a direct representation of who we are and what we do.Mike and Bob have been building and tuning cars for over 35 years combined. Starting with Honda’s and other Japanese autos, they have gone through it all. Creating award-winning vehicles and making a mark at numerous car shows. Mike and the guys are certainly seasoned having owned or owning very different makes of vehicles and modifying every one of them. From Honda’s, BMW’s & Porsche’s and everything in between. The team has built numerous vehicles to satisfy the clients every wish, realizing exactly what they envisioned and more. Stay tuned as our gallery page is built to display the broad spectrum we cover, and the immaculate work we produce. From mind-blowing custom cars to performance machines. If you want it we can build it at PRO-TEK Automotive.

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