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This shop was created for the love and passion of automobiles. For the satisfaction you feel when you’ve created something that you’ve wanted, something different from everyone else, something that represents you. It was also created out of necessity. In a market over saturated with cheap products and expensive prices, PRO-TEK Automotive has filled the gap delivering high quality work at a fair price. We believe that no detail should be overlooked no matter how small and insignificant. Every vehicle that exits the shops leaves with the PRO-TEK stamp, a direct representation of who we are and what we do.Mike and Bob have been building and tuning cars for over 35 years combined. Starting with Honda’s and other Japanese autos, they have gone through it all. Creating award-winning vehicles and making a mark at numerous car shows. Mike and the guys are certainly seasoned having owned or owning very different makes of vehicles and modifying every one of them. From Honda’s, BMW’s & Porsche’s and everything in between. The team has built numerous vehicles to satisfy the clients every wish, realizing exactly what they envisioned and more. Stay tuned as our gallery page is built to display the broad spectrum we cover, and the immaculate work we produce. From mind-blowing custom cars to performance machines. If you want it we can build it at PRO-TEK Automotive.

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I have a mid-90s BMW and have tried a few other German shops around Portland. I’d say these guys know what they are doing, and I’ve had positive experiences with them in the 2-3 times I’ve had them do work on my car. Their quotes are very close to right on, so I haven’t had any nasty surprises with the bills. I have yet to find a better BMW shop. Despite the distance to get to them I feel the work they do is worth the drive.

I just bought a 2002 540i and bought a pre-purchase inspection. Mike was so thorough, inspecting every inch of the car making my decision one of the easiest used car buying decisions I have ever made. After buying the car, Mike and the crew fixed everything found in the inspection for a very reasonable price. Now that I have had the car for a few weeks there haven’t been any more surprises. I had such a pleasant experience at Pro-Tek that I felt compelled to write a review, and I would recommend them to anyone needing auto repair or service.
Thanks again Mike!


I believe this is only the third time in my life that I have written a completely unqualified endorsement for anyone. Mike is an absolute BMW professional and the most knowledgeable performance enhancement expert I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I have owned BMWs for over thirty-five years and I have had extensive work done on all of them. The last two are my present e36 M3 and “The Yellow Car” (1979 320). When I buy a car I keep it a long time. I bought each of these cars new and thoroughly enjoy making improvements in both appearance and performance. Mike did the work on and managed the completion of the final configuration (after two engine swaps – a six and a V8) of the Yellow Car over the last four years that I owned it. The car has won either Best in Show or Best in Class in over ten competitions in Oregon and California. I owned it 28 years before selling it. Every aspect of the Yellow Car’s engine (BMW V8), transmission and differential were modified. The brakes are Brembo, style=”color: the wheels are Dinan (Steve Dinan did some of the maintenance himself when he was just starting out). The suspension is Bielstein and Eibach. The exhaust system is completely customized stainless. In addition every body panel except the roof has been customized to some significant extent.
All of the performance upgrades on my present M3 have also been done by Mike Christopherson.

Dinan stage 2 supercharger

Dinan shock tower supports

Dinan throttle body

Eibach front and rear sway bars

Bilstein shocks “sports”

Slotted rotors and Hawk pads

Active Auto Works differential

Darold Wilson

I’ve visited Pro-Tek several times. They are always attentive and friendly. More importantly, their repair work is outstanding. I would recommend this place to anyone in the Portland metro area in need of reliable top-notch repair work.
Bill H. Portland, OR.

Dear Pro-Tek,
I wanted to thank you again for your prompt service on my BMW. After the atrocious experience I had at another BMW place, I was angry at my husband for having purchased the BMW and I lived in fear of the day that it would need the service again. You have restored my faith in the possibility of being treated fairly and professionally in the automotive service industry! My fear is gone and in fact, I look forward to another visit to Pro-Tek when the need arises.
Thanks again,

Tim S. Portland, OR.


1625 NE Sandy Blvd. Unit C
Portland, OR 97232